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May 24th, 2022


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Friday, April 8th, 5:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. at the National Guard Armory

Tuesday, May 3rd, 5:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. at the National Guard Armory

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  • Create a stronger educational system by pooling resources in order to strengthen the academic, arts, and athletic programming at all levels, with an emphasis on the Middle School and High School experience.


  • Foster economic growth in the broader community of Marion County by working together to attract families and businesses to consider relocating to Marion County. This would spark Smart Growth opportunities for all Marion Countians


Picture of front of high school
Picture of front of high school
Athletic Facility Front Rendering
Athletic facility gym rendering
Athletic facility layout

Your vote in the Bond Election would support your children and your community as follows:

1. Renovations at West Marion Primary School (Pre-k-2nd)

  • Upgrade of the Walking track 
  • Americans With Disabilities Act Improvements
  • Drainage improvements


2. Renovations at West Marion Upper Elementary School

  • Fencing Upgrades
  • Playground Safety Upgrades
  • Magnetic Locking Systems for all entrances
  • Renovation of Library


3. Creation of 6th Grade Academy of Innovation (Current WM Jr. High building)

  • Renovate and create a new entrance
  • Administrative Office  near the new front entrance
  • Security upgrades for entrances
  • Upgrades of classrooms for Math/Science and Engineering Labs
  • Repaving of Parking Lots
  • Key-in Gating upgrades for security


4. Marion County Middle School  (Current WMH Campus)

  • Renovate facilities (wing) for the 6th Grade and Middle School Bands
  • Renovation of Athletic Facilities 
  • Renovation of Gymnasium
  • Repaving of Parking Lots
  • Key-in Gating upgrades for security


5. East Marion Elementary (Pre-k-5th)

  • Playground Upgrades
  • Renovation of library
  • Furniture upgrades
  • Repaving of Parking Lots
  • Key-in Gating upgrades for security


6. Marion County Ninth Grade Academy of Innovation (Current EM Jr. High)

  • Renovate and create a new entrance
  • Administrative Office  near the new front entrance
  • Security upgrades for entrances
  • Upgrades of classrooms for Math/Science and Engineering Labs
  • Repaving of Parking Lots
  • Key-in Gating upgrades for security


7. Marion County High School (Current East Marion High Campus).

  • New Marion County High School Athletics Center
  • Renovated Athletic stadium to be multi-sport ready (artificial turf) with a competition-level track
  • New baseball facility
  • Renovated and expanded gymnasium
  • Upgraded cafeteria, including an outdoor dining area
  • Library renovations

8. Carl Loftin Career and Technical Center

  • Repaving of Parking Lots


  • Facility upgrades on all campuses


  • Merging of resources allows for expanded programming in the ARTS, Athletics, and Academics


  • All students will have equal access to all rigorous courses


  • Increases scholarship opportunities for students by being able to offer a broader variety of Dual Credit & Advanced Placement courses


  • Expansion of the ARTS programs to ALL grade levels


  • Extend athletic programs to lower grade levels creating a stronger feeder system for greater athlete growth and development


  • Addition of 6th and 9th Grade Academies of Innovation offering student programs in STEM, Performing Arts, and Career & Technical Education


  • Greater ability to attract prospective students, staff, families, and businesses to Marion County


  • Substantial economic growth opportunities for Marion County

  • By pooling resources and unifying the middle and high school levels teachers will be able to collaborate more; therefore, there will better opportunities for staff training and development. Research shows that greater growth for students and schools is created when teachers have more opportunities for collaboration. 



Where will my student go?

Spreadsheet of what school students will go to



What is a bond?

In the same way homeowners borrow money in the form of a mortgage to finance the purchase of a home, school districts borrow money in the form of bonds to finance the design, construction, expansion, and renovations of schools.


    Will my taxes go up?

    • The bonds will be repaid from a tax levied on all taxable property in the district. 
    • Tax is levied on the value of the property listed on the county tax rolls, which is frequently less than the market value of the property. 
    • Homeowners who are over 65, or totally disabled, are exempt from taxes on the first $75,000 of the taxable value of their home.
    • As the assessed value of the district increases, the mils required to repay the bond will decrease.
    • Questions regarding taxable property may contact the Marion County Tax Assessor's Office. 
    • See Example Tax Calculations below.


    What are the district's financial strategies?

    • Pursue a $15.1 million bond issue that will provide upgrades to all campuses.
    • Utilize other district revenue sources to potentially provide up to an additional $6 million to support the construction of the Performing Arts Center.


    Is this a vote to consolidate the schools?

    • No, this is a vote for the bond that will give the district the funds needed to make the renovations and upgrades to facilitate the consolidation. The Marion County School Board will decide on consolidation. 


    Who is the Architect?

    Allred Stolarski Architects


    Who gets to vote and where?

    • All residents of the Marion County School District can vote from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at their normal assigned voting precincts.

    Example Ballot

    Example Ballot

    Example Tax Calculation

    Tax Example
    Important Note: The bond vote is not a vote for or against consolidation. Consolidation will be decided by the School Board. The bond vote will decide HOW it happens.