WMHS Basketball @ Columbia
WMHS Basketball vs East Marion
WMJH/JV Football @ Purvis
WMP 1st-3rd Star Test
Volleyball State Championship
WME - Smiles To Go
WMP Smiles to Go
WME 2nd 9 weeks Awards Day
WM Cheer Competition-Pearl River Community College
WMHS Football 3rd Round Playoffs
WMHS Football vs East Marion
WM Jr High Basketball @ Tylertown
EMJH Basketball vs Sacred Heart-away
WMJH/JV Football vs Sumrall
EMHS Volleyball vs Sumrall away
EM Cross Country-Fast & Furious 2
WMP Kona Ice
WMHS Basketball vs St. Patrick
EMH Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament
EMH Basketball vs Columbia A-away
WMHS Football 1st Round Playoffs
WM Band Competition- Gulf Coast Invitational
WMJH/JV Football @ North Forrest
WMHS Basketball vs Perry Central
EMJH-Basketball Madness
EMHS Volleyball @ Columbia
WMP 2nd & 3rd Show Choir Tryouts
WMHS Basketball vs Sumrall
WMHS "Meet the Trojans"
WM Volleyball vs JDC-home
WMHS Volleyball @ Sacred Heart
WMHS Volleyball @ Columbia
WMP Boy Scout Meeting
EMH Basketball vs Resurrection-home
EMJH Basketball vs JDC-away
WMP PTO Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
EMHS Volleyball vs Lawrence County-home @ 5 pm
WM Jr High Basketball vs Sumrall
WM Jr High Basketball @ Sumrall
EMH Basketball vs Resurrection- away
EMHS Volleyball vs JDC away
EMH Basketball vs Salem-Senior Night-Home
WMHS Volleyball vs Salem Tournament
Volleyball 3rd Round
EMHS FB vs Salem away
EMHS Football vs Hazlehurst- home
EMJH Basketball vs Jefferson(Columbia) away
WMHS Football @ Tylertown
EMJH Basketball vs WM-home
WMHS Football South State
EMH Basketball vs Seminary-Letterman Night-home
WMJH/JV Football Championship
WMHS Volleyball vs Tylertown -home @5pm
PTO Meeting @ WME
WMHS Volleyball @ JDC
WMP Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kick -Off
WMH Basketball vs Sacred Heart- home
EMJH/JV Football vs Jefferson-home
WMHS Volleyball vs St. Patrick-home @ 5pm
EMHS Volleyball vs Salem away
EMHS Football vs WMHS away
EMH Basketball vs JDC- away
WMHS Volleyball vs OLA home @ 5pm
EMJH/JV Football vs WM-away
WMP PTO Make-A- Wish Fundraiser
WM Golf-District B- St. Patrick
WMHS Basketball @ Purvis
WMP Kindergarten iReady Diagnostic
WMHS Volleyball vs Salem-home @ 4pm
EMHS Volleyball vs South Pike -home @ 4:30 pm
EMHS Volleyball vs FCAHS- home
WMHS Volleyball @ Brookhaven
WMJH/JV Football vs East Marion
MCCTC - Blood Drive
WMHS Football @ Sumrall
WMHS Volleyball @ OLA
Volleyball 2nd Round
EMHS Football vs Enterprise- home
EMJH/JV Football Championship-TBD
EM Cross Country State Championships
EMJH Basketball vs Collins-away
EMHS Volleyball vs Sacred Heart away
EMHS Football vs Raleigh-away (Taylorsville)
EMH Basketball vs Columbia H-away
PTO WMP Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
WMP PTO Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
WMHS Basketball 1st Round Playoffs
WM Show Choir- West Jones
WME 4th 9 weeks Awards Day
WMHS Basketball @ Tylertown
WMJH/JV Football vs Lumberton
EMJH/JV Football vs Tylertown-home
EMH Basketball vs Forrest County AHS-away
EMJH/JV Football vs Lumberton- away
WM Jr High Basketball @ JDC
WM Jr High Basketball vs Collins
EM Cross Country-Simpson Academy Invitational
WMHS Volleyball vs Wesson-away
Volleyball North/South TBA
WM Cross Country-Simpson Academy Invitational
WM Jr High Basketball vs JDC
EMHS Football vs Heidelberg- Home- Homecoming-
EMH Basketball vs WM -away
WMP Kindergarten iReady Diagnostic
EMHS Volleyball vs Hattiesburg HS-home
WMHS Volleyball vs Columbia @home @ 4pm
WM vs Perry Central District Meeting TBA
WM Jr High Basketball vs East Marion
Volleyball District
EMH Basketball vs Bay Springs-away
EMH Basketball vs Columbia HS-home
EMHS Volleyball vs Resurrection- away
Columbia Academy Caleb Coleman Invitational
School Pictures @ WME
WMJH/JV Football @ JDC
EMHS Volleyball vs WM- home
WM Show Choir- South Jones
WM Golf @ Collins
WM Show Choir- Opelika, AL
WMHS Basketball vs Purvis
Volleyball Championship Games
EMH Basketball vs Sacred Heart-away
WMJH/JV Football vs JMS
WM State G-St. Patrick
WMHS Volleyball @ Tylertown
WMHS Volleyball vs Perry Central home @ 5pm
WMHS Cheer Comp @ Sumrall
WMHS Basketball vs Perry Central(District Tournament)
WM Cheer Competition- State-Jackson, MS
WMHS Basketball 2nd Round Playoffs
WMHS Open House/Title 1 Meeting
EMHS Volleyball vs Sacred Heart- away
MCCTC - Open House
EMH Basketball vs Lumberton-home
EMHS Volleyball vs Columbia-home @4:30 pm
WMHS Football @ Columbia-7pm
WMHS Golf Tournament @ Purvis
EMH Basketball vs Lumberton-away
WM Band Competition-State Eval-Gulf Coast
WMHS Volleyball vs Wesson @ home- 4pm
WMHS Football vs Collins
EM Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament @ 4pm
WMHS Volleyball vs East Marion- home @ 4pm
EMHS Volleyball vs South Pike away
WMHS Football @ Seminary(Fall Jamboree)
WMHS Basketball 3rd Round Playoffs
WMHS Basketball @ Richton (Rotary Tournament)
WMP Open House
WM Jr High Basketball @ JMS
WMHS Basketball @ Perry Central
WMHS Football @ Perry Central
EMHS Volleyball vs Lumberton-home @ TBA
WMHS Basketball @ St. Patrick
WMHS Football vs St. Patrick
WMHS Basketball vs OLA/St. Stanislaus
EMHS Football vs Resurrection- away
Freshman/ Senior Parent Night
Salem Volleyball Tournament @ Salem HS- TBA
EMHS Volleyball vs Columbia @ 4:30 pm
WMHS Basketball @ Richton(Rotary Tournament)
Volleyball first round
WME 1st 9 Weeks Awards Day
EMH Basketball vs Sumrall -away
WM Golf District G- St. Patrick
HHS Volleyball Tournament (JH only)-away-TBA
WM Show Choir- Petal
WMHS Show Choir Fall Show
WMP Kindergarten Green Party
WMHS Basketball vs Columbia
WMP Boy Scout Parent Meeting @ 3:30
WMP PTO Make- A- Wish Fundraiser
WMP PTO Meeting
WME 3rd 9 weeks Awards Day
EMHS Volleyball vs WMHS -away
WMHS Basketball vs Salem
WMHS Basketball @ Salem
WMHS Volleyball vs St. Patrick-away
WMHS Football @ Lumberton
WM Jr High Basketball Tri County Tournament
WMH Basketball vs JDC-home
EMH Basketball vs Enterprise-home
EMH Basketball vs Salem-away
WMHS Basketball vs Tylertown
EMHS Volleyball vs Lumberton-away- TBA
WM Cheer Competitions-Miss Gulf Coast Community College
EMJH Basketball vs JDC-home
WMP Grandparent's Week
WM Show Choir- Oak Grove
EMJH Basketball vs Jefferson(Columbia) home
WM Show Choir- Biloxi
WM Jr High Basketball Tri County Tournament
EMHS Football vs Lumberton-home
WM Cross Country-Fast & Furious 2
WM Show Choir-Pearl River Community College
WM Band Competitions-State-Jackson, MS
Volleyball- South State
WMHS Football @ Columbia
WMHS Volleyball @ East Marion
WM Cross Country State Championships
WMJH Basketball vs EM/ home
EMJH Basketball vs WM-away
WMHS Basketball vs OLA/St. Stanislaus
EMHS Volleyball vs Sumrall- home
EMJV Football vs N Forest
Columbia Academy Caleb Coleman Invitational
WMHS Basketball @ East Marion(Holiday Classic)
WM Jr High Basketball vs JMS
WM State B- St. Patrick
WMJH Football vs Jefferson@
WM Jr High Basketball vs Tylertown
Balfour(Jr High Rings)
WM Cheer Competition- Regionals-Jackson, MS
WMP Make-A-Wish Fundraiser
EMHS Volleyball vs Lawrence County - away
EMJH/JV Football vs Columbia-home- JV only-
EMHS Volleyball vs Resurrection-home
WM Jr High Basketball @ Collins
EMH Basketball vs Enterprise-away
WMHS Volleyball vs Sacred Heart
WM Jr High Basketball @ East Marion
EMHS Volleyball vs JDC-home
EMJH Basketball vs Collins-home
WMP 1st-3rd iReady Test
EMHS Football vs Sacred Heart- away
WMHS Basketball @ Oak Grove Classic
WMHS Volleyball @ Perry Central-away
EMHS Football vs W. Harrison- home
WMP iReady Green Party
WMHS Band Gulf Coast Invitational
EMHS Volleyball vs Salem- home
EMH Basketball Madness-home
WMHS Football 2nd Round Playoffs
EMHS Volleyball vs Hattiesburg HS-away
EMHS Football vs Collins-away
Open House/Title One Meeting at WME
WMHS Basketball @ JDC(MLK Tournament)
EMJH Basketball vs Seminary-home
WMP Book Fair